Research takes over

I’m finding the writing process being slowed down by the interesting nature of my subject matter, or rather, the background of my characters. So here’s a little glimpse at the sources of some of the tangents I’ve wandered off on…

Ciaran Connelly and his adventures are easy, he’s a twenty-something male living in Dublin. I’ve spent my life passively researching the character and all that was needed was some work with maps etc. Other characters on the other hand…

Rose Hawthorn – A native Briton in the time of the Roman occupation. Research went into when and how the Romans invaded Britannia. Rose had to be placed in a time where she would be meeting the black wolf when she was old enough for romance, but also it had to make sense in the black wolf’s story. The black wolf needed a reason to be in Britannia, and more importantly he couldn’t be elsewhere. So, this aspect of research was pretty fascinating, and took up quite a while.
Rose’s story then spans thousands of years, but since she only features in a short story, well, the history of England doesn’t need to be explored just yet (thankfully, or nothing would get done.)

Kraven – Here was some research that was as tricky as it was interesting. Kraven comes from Poland, his life spanning countries and wars. So much is known about WW1 and WW2, that you can’t just bumble through and hope to maintain the realism established in Diary of the Wolf. The interesting aspect is obvious, but the tricky bit comes in issues with language and distance. What does Krakow look like in 1904? What are the locals into? How do careers progress? World War 2 is less tricky, as Krakow is well documented, especially in relation to the treatment of the Jewish population. The Nazis were going to show Kraven the lows of humanity, but it had to be realistic, so that led to a lot of tough reading until I found the scene to recreate. From Poland Kraven travels through Europe, and this led to hours looking at troop movements and researching old escape routes for refugees etc.

The Black Wolf – Well… this is the monster research task that feeds into all others, but I guess it’ll remain a secret until about book 5.

FrankResearch takes over

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