Rediscovering Passion

I published my first book, “Diary of the Wolf,” in August 2011. I’ll now freely admit I didn’t do it right and lost my way between then and now.
The Diary of the Wolf series is sketched out as a five novel series, with a number of novellas in-between. Book 1 is published, book 2 is completely written, book 3 is half written, as is book 4. Book 5 has such a large scope that I won’t have time to write it until there’s a critical mass there allowing me to dedicate all of my time.
In November 2011 I attempted my first NaNoWriMo. I failed, but then I was also working on an MSc. The book that emerged from that “Tale of the Clee,” is half finished but currently shelved. What started out as a children’s fantasy tale became a beast of abuse and mental health issues.
During my MSc. I discovered the real possibility of game design and the joys of player-influenced narratives. Game design was an interesting detour and still something that interests me, but the production overheads are much higher. Plus, even though I enjoy playing computer games, I love settling down and reading a good book.
That brings us nearly up to date. NaNoWriMo 2013 was a disaster in one way, a great success in another. My word count was pathetic, but I stumbled upon an idea that I fell in love with. This affection definitely damaged my word count, but resulted in greater quality.
Already in the writing mindset (oh how I missed you,) I met a fellow Irish author and was wonderfully inspired. This author had brought a level of professionalism to her writing that was truly impressive. I realised that I hadn’t given a fair chance to my first novel, it was more a case of publishing for the sake of it, and I believe it deserves more.
So with my passion for writing re-found (or at least directed towards novels again,) expect to see some new publications in 2014.

FrankRediscovering Passion

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