Dual Crafting for Sanity

I’m probably approaching broken record status here, but yet again I’m going to write about the work that goes in to editing. It’s considerable work and considerably different from the exciting creative process.

I planned to have Diary of the Wolf completely re-edited by the start of February, leaving me a month to prepare to relaunch at the start of March. Then I hit a snag: I was getting very little editing done. Journalist by day, I became horribly unproductive by night. Sure, I’d make a show of editing and my laptop was always open, but I was taking a week to edit a chapter. This was obviously not good enough, especially when I felt confident in my narrative voice.

Hopefully I’ve cracked the problem. Since Christmas, I’ve been trying to edit Diary of the Wolf at home in the evenings, while writing The Bastion of Beleaguered Brothers while commuting to and from work. Both projects suffered, because I soon realised that quite often I had writer’s block on the bus, or I was just so tired that music was more appropriate.

It may sound horribly simple – in hindsight it certainly is – but the solution lay in swapping the projects around. Edit on the bus, when less creativity is required, and then write new content when the mood takes me at home.

I’m now confident of having DOTW ready for the start of February, largely due to TBOBB keeping me sane.

All writers have their quirks and their own preferred methods, but I’m quite happy that this dual project approach is the key to my productivity.

FrankDual Crafting for Sanity

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