NaNoWriMo 2013 – First two chapters draft

The Bastion of Beleaguered Brothers NaNoWriMo 2013 Chapter 1 The noise was inhuman, more like an animal in pain than a sick woman. The cough was now so frequent that she could barely catch a shallow breath between. Her daughter, Louizel, held her left hand as her right held a cloth to her mouth. “Be strong mother, father has gone …

FrankNaNoWriMo 2013 – First two chapters draft

Interactive Werewolf Book

As part of the MSc I’m undertaking, I have to create a major project. My plan is to create an interactive book based on my Diary of the Wolf world. The basics are simple: You’re a werewolf hunter (like Red & Jenny) and you head to a remote Scottish island to stop a werewolf. En route you’re shipwrecked and quickly …

FrankInteractive Werewolf Book

Um, About NanoWriMo…

Unfortunately real life got in the way of the NaNoWriMo dream. Real life and plot points. I began writing a children’s novel, which quickly started taking some very dark and unplanned turns. The fairytale morphed into a story about domestic abuse and escapism. Outlines were no longer relevant and the story that was going to write itself, well, it had …

FrankUm, About NanoWriMo…

NaNoWriMo 2011

Signed myself up for NaNoWriMo 2011 ! The goal: To write a novel in one month. November to be exact. It’s seat of your pants writing and anything can happen. I’m taking a break from writing about werewolves and have gone for an odd fairytale type story. WIP title -”The Tale of the Clee” Check out how I’m getting on …

FrankNaNoWriMo 2011

A Tale of Hunters

I’ve just uploaded a free novella: “A Tale of Hunters”. It’s part of the Diary of the Wolf series and slots in between books 1 & 2. Cover is stitched together from book 1 and 2 and also features a rose emblem. The focus is moved from werewolves and placed on the hunters, Jenny & Red to be precise. The …

FrankA Tale of Hunters

Research takes over

I’m finding the writing process being slowed down by the interesting nature of my subject matter, or rather, the background of my characters. So here’s a little glimpse at the sources of some of the tangents I’ve wandered off on… Ciaran Connelly and his adventures are easy, he’s a twenty-something male living in Dublin. I’ve spent my life passively researching …

FrankResearch takes over

The Council of Thirteen

Free short story! The council has met ever century for millenniums. Always 13 members, always in the same chamber deep beneath the rock. Download from my Smashwords account in loads of handy formats.

FrankThe Council of Thirteen

Sinclair’s Game of Chance

Free short story! A finance mogul plays a final game of chance. Download free from my Smashwords account. Loads of formats.  

FrankSinclair’s Game of Chance

Novels and short stories on your Kindle, iPhone, Android, Nook etc

Head along to my Smashwords page and you’ll find some free short stories and soon the first publicly printed version of Diary of the Wolf.

FrankNovels and short stories on your Kindle, iPhone, Android, Nook etc