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Shadows in the Dark – Beginning the rewrite

Diary of the Wolf book two, Shadows in the Dark, has been revised. Well, the first draft has been revised. How did I go about this? Well, Good News I really liked some of the scenes. There were nearly full chapters that I read and said “yes, that’s a good chapter, I’m happy with that overall.” It was greater than …

FrankShadows in the Dark – Beginning the rewrite
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Getting in the mood for book number two

My normal starting point is one of distraction. There’s so much going on, if not in the world then in my brain. I’m thinking about different jobs I should apply for, different books I should read and different books I should write. There’s the constant task of upskilling for jobs I don’t even know I want, the temptation to write …

FrankGetting in the mood for book number two
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Scorpion – random thoughts

So I recently came across the show Scorpion on Netflix. At first I had no interest – I had Jessica Jones shaped fish to fry first – but when the premise was described by my sister, well I just had to give it a watch. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a super genius (Walter O’Brien) and …

FrankScorpion – random thoughts
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How to blog more: the realisation

Ok, I know, my last post said I would blog more. I failed. I find it hard to blog about what I’m writing, because I feel guilty when I’m not actually writing it. I’ll gladly write different things at once or edit one book while writing the next, but when it comes to writing about processes and such, well, I …

FrankHow to blog more: the realisation
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Diary of the Wolf published today

Today, after what seems like such a very long time, Diary of the Wolf goes live on Amazon. Yes, it is edition two but I think you’ll find it’s a completely different beast. Arriving four years after the original novel, this edition has the best part of a year’s worth of rewrites, edits and additional chapters.

FrankDiary of the Wolf published today
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The Importance of Good Maps

Sometimes you need a good solid map to keep things straight. There’s just nothing better for wide ranging action and adventure. In the process of rewriting The Diary of the Wolf, I finally came to my new Chapter 16. Once upon a time it was Chapter 12, but that was when I had such silly long chapters. Chapter 16 is …

FrankThe Importance of Good Maps
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Writing Process Blog Hop

The calm and solitude of my hermitage was breached by the devilish duo Latimer and Ridley, wanting to know if I’d take part in a blog hop. Never one to say no to women who know too much about magic, I of course obliged. You can read their previous blog here and you can find out all about their excellent Legend …

FrankWriting Process Blog Hop
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Alley Cat

Although it involved no real narrative, here’s a game I had fun working on in a project manager role. It’s a remake of a game from 1984, one of the first games I remember playing on a PC. Nobody else had heard of it, but it’s a classic. Not sure if the version on that site is the latest …

FrankAlley Cat

Dual Crafting for Sanity

I’m probably approaching broken record status here, but yet again I’m going to write about the work that goes in to editing. It’s considerable work and considerably different from the exciting creative process. I planned to have Diary of the Wolf completely re-edited by the start of February, leaving me a month to prepare to relaunch at the start of …

FrankDual Crafting for Sanity
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The importance of being ruthless

I’m currently in the process of re-writing the first book in the Diary of the Wolf series. Some might say “that was out two years ago… move on and let it go,” but this all comes as part of a new attitude to writing. I’ve probably addressed it in a post below, but I’ve recently been inspired to approach my …

FrankThe importance of being ruthless