Shadows in the Dark – July 2016 Update

Well it’s at this point that I’m going to stop apologizing for not blogging more. I’ve realised that I write about everything that happens, but I do it in a big ol’ journal and then also a teeny tiny journal and various other places. I write a lot but I guess I don’t write a lot for public consumption.

Today, while listening to the radio, I heard a tech contributor talk about her big social media detox. No instagram for eight days, oh, and no Twitter. “Every thought I have goes on Twitter before I even say it” she said more or less. Wow, I thought to myself, is that how I need to be in order to be a constant Twitter user? I’m not sure I want to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on Facebook all the time, liking friends’ photos and commenting (always with the comments,) but, that’s me as a person commenting on my friends’ stuff. When it comes to my author twitter account, I try to keep it to talk about books or updates like this one. Read my books, you don’t need to read about the sandwich I just had. I don’t think any one is that interested.

So, that is perhaps a mini-rant over. To sum up: Not going to follow through on plans to blog about the colour of socks I’m wearing today.

What I will blog about: Books! Especially my books!


Let me tell you about Diary of the Wolf Book 2 – Shadows in the Dark. It’s pretty much done. OK, so, I definitely won’t call it done just yet, oh no, but, we’ve got 80+k words on the page and manuscripts have already gone out to beta readers. I decided to stop calling them guinea readers because nobody else knew what I was talking about. The way I work with many of my beta readers is this: Here is a printed manuscript. Here is a coloured pen. Here is a small present to thank you for taking the time to read. Now, go through the book and make notes as you go. I don’t want summaries, I want to see you actually experience it. Then, I take back the manuscripts, follow their journey and then see all the things they saw and I didn’t, and all the things I want them to see but they missed. Then changes are made, usually.

So it’s out there, in the wild, being torn apart. Two people have finished reading it, but neither have really made much reference to whether it was good or not. I can hear rumblings of push-back against certain decisions I made, but, I welcome the input.

I’m reading through the book yet again and editing as I go. Hitting the nuances that shouldn’t be affected by the beta readers’ input. I’ve never written a book this long and, as part of a longer series, there’s just so much to keep track of. I realised I needed to establish a sense of what happens when, because it really was like building a road from points A to B to C with no other constraints along the way.

To sum up all this waffle: It should be out before the leaves turn golden.

FrankShadows in the Dark – July 2016 Update