Um, About NanoWriMo…

Unfortunately real life got in the way of the NaNoWriMo dream. Real life and plot points.

I began writing a children’s novel, which quickly started taking some very dark and unplanned turns. The fairytale morphed into a story about domestic abuse and escapism. Outlines were no longer relevant and the story that was going to write itself, well, it had written itself into a far more complicated maze.

Add into that mix a number of college deadlines and you soon get failure.

I have half a novel written (or at least half as defined by NaNoWriMo) and it sometimes tempts me to have a look, but the whole point of NanoWriMo was a fixed period to break free from existing obligations and write fresh. Now I’m back into a world where wolves need to be fed.

FrankUm, About NanoWriMo…

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