Shadows in the Dark – Beginning the rewrite

Diary of the Wolf book two, Shadows in the Dark, has been revised. Well, the first draft has been revised.

How did I go about this? Well,

Good News

I really liked some of the scenes. There were nearly full chapters that I read and said “yes, that’s a good chapter, I’m happy with that overall.” It was greater than the sense I had when rewriting book one, I guess due to my writing getting better with practice.

Then there were some scenes (and one full chapter in fact) where I had no idea what I was on about. I actually saw this one arc progressing through the narrative like a trainwreck and every time it appeared I felt like punching past-Frank.

That big horrible arc, my proof readers flagged it, but they also had issues with women talking about sex like men, so I took the views with a certain grain of salt. I respected the views and knew I’d have to alter the issue, but it was only reading the draft years later sent off all the warning bells that I was blinded to at the time of writing.

Why is the stuff I hate in the “good news” section? Well they’re big obviously flaws that I can easily correct and in doing so I get a nice sense of progress.

Next in the good news section is how unfinished book two is. There’s a beginning, middle and end for sure, but it’s so short and so shallow at parts. There are parts where months pass in a couple of sentences. Months that should be filled with events. Again, it’s in the good news section because I really enjoy the creative part of the writing process. I’ve already come up with some juicy bits that make me smile.

Bad News

Well there isn’t much bad news. Perhaps, for people waiting for book two, it’s now clear that this will take time. I’m not polishing a complete piece but rather crafting something new with the help of the pieces I can save. Don’t get me wrong, nothing affects the overall arc of the series, that’s been planned out long ago and stays solid to this day, but it’s the journey between that first and last page that needs changing.

Really, I’m adding things in, fun things and important things, things that will help things make more sense. Things that just naturally make sense in my head but I didn’t capture on the page the first time around.


It’s game on for book two of the series. I have other non-DOTW novels in the works, new worlds that excite me and drive me to write, but until I went through my draft of SITD, before I saw the gaping holes, I didn’t have my imagination engaged. Now I’m full of such ideas that I want to share with readers. Ideas I know I’d read in a book and go “no way!” and be forced to read on.

So, to sum up: I’m excited to write.



FrankShadows in the Dark – Beginning the rewrite