The Importance of Good Maps

Sometimes you need a good solid map to keep things straight. There’s just nothing better for wide ranging action and adventure.

In the process of rewriting The Diary of the Wolf, I finally came to my new Chapter 16. Once upon a time it was Chapter 12, but that was when I had such silly long chapters.

Chapter 16 is pretty much non-stop action. Unfortunately when I wrote it I was living the adventure in my head and it all made perfect sense. In hindsight, perhaps I should have written a clearer chapter, but that’s what rewrites are all about.

In order to make it clear in my mind, I drew a map.

Map_chap16The odd bit, is I think of the mansion as I’ve drawn it, but in the Dublin mountains it’s topsy turvy. The top of the map is south, the bottom north.

I then went through the chapter, picked out the key points and mapped them out.

Then I kept doodling and added loads of trees. It would have made more sense not to draw the trees, sure the whole map is covered with woodland.


FrankThe Importance of Good Maps

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