Springsteen and second novel magic – It’s the May 2016 Update

Despite saying I would blog more often and about more random things, I have failed. An ongoing blogging failure, that’s me. So, here is an update.

Bruce Springsteen Competition

If there’s one concert that’s sure to sell-out in Ireland, regardless of the capacity, it’s Bruce Springsteen. Also on the list may be Garth Brooks, but, well, you can read about that here.┬áIf I could get the tickets, it seemed like the perfect chance for some publicity. And, with a bit of luck, I bagged those golden delights. The winner of two tickets to Bruce Springsteen was Lara McGrath, who not only actually wanted to go to the gig (rather than sell the tickets) but was also looking forward to reading Diary of the Wolf.

Lara McGrath, competition winner with her two tickets to Bruce Springsteen and a signed copy of Diary of the Wolf

Lara McGrath, winner of two tickets to Bruce Springsteen and a signed copy of Diary of the Wolf

I also went along to see The Boss (not with Lara, don’t worry, it wasn’t a weird win-a-date type competition,) and it was really excellent. I wasn’t a big Bruce Springsteen fan before, but I must say he puts on a good show and his early stuff is more my kind of music, so it was great that he played a lot of first album magic.

Book 2 Progress

The second book in the Diary of the Wolf series is coming along nicely. Some time ago I realised the first draft I’d written was missing way too much content. Combined with feedback on book one (generally: “Good, but too quick”) I realised I needed to really add to the book. So the good news is that these additional chapters have all been written.

Where I’m at right now is a rewrite of existing chapters. Thankfully it seems my writing improved quite a bit between book one and book two, so I’m finding less and less cringeworthy sentences that need fixing. I’m about 2/3rds through, so here’s hoping I can get a draft to my guinea-readers before the end of June. Exciting times, because I’m really looking forward to hearing what people think. I have that quiet belief that book two is a serious improvement over number one. Hopefully readers will agree that the series is growing.

So, I think that’s about it for the world of writing. I really will try to blog more. I’ve certainly enough episodes of 30 Rock to watch to keep me company.

FrankSpringsteen and second novel magic – It’s the May 2016 Update