Interactive Werewolf Book

As part of the MSc I’m undertaking, I have to create a major project.

My plan is to create an interactive book based on my Diary of the Wolf world.

The basics are simple: You’re a werewolf hunter (like Red & Jenny) and you head to a remote Scottish island to stop a werewolf. En route you’re shipwrecked and quickly find yourself at a disadvantage. Without your usual weapons and brawn, you have to discover the identity of the werewolf before the full moon.

It all goes a bit murder mystery then. I’m planning to write it in the 3rd person, with the narrator squarely focused on the protagonist. There’ll be no peeking behind the scenes for the reader, they’ll have to go through the story, guiding the actions of the main character and learning as they go.

FrankInteractive Werewolf Book

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