How to blog more: the realisation

Ok, I know, my last post said I would blog more. I failed. I find it hard to blog about what I’m writing, because I feel guilty when I’m not actually writing it. I’ll gladly write different things at once or edit one book while writing the next, but when it comes to writing about processes and such, well, I just find it hard to be motivated. I like answering questions about my books and writing, but when it comes to blabbing on without prompts, well, that’s not my style 😉

Today I realised that I don’t have to write exclusively about my writing. Sure, it’s an author blog and books should probably be my chief concern, but well, I also happen to work for a news paper, where taking a year to write something is certainly a luxury. So, what the hell, I’m going to blog about all sorts of things here, because working with words goes beyond werewolves and aliens.

As an extra twist, or perhaps an extra motivation to blog, I’m set to leave the newspaper I’ve spent the last two years working for. So where do I go to chat about the world at large, well, here I guess.

I had a blog worked up in my head, about how the mainstream media does report on tragedies in 3rd world countries, even though popular opinion screamed to the contrary in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, but I think the time for such a piece has passed and others have probably said it better already.

Anyway, now that I’ve not only decided to do some general blogging but also figured out how to hook my website blog up to my Goodreads, well, here’s hoping I manage to keep blogging and hopefully people keep reading.

FrankHow to blog more: the realisation

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