The Importance of Good Maps


Sometimes you need a good solid map to keep things straight. There’s just nothing better for wide ranging action and adventure. In the process of rewriting The Diary of the Wolf, I finally came to my new Chapter 16. Once upon a time it was Chapter 12, but that was when I had such silly long chapters. Chapter 16 is … Read More

FrankThe Importance of Good Maps

Writing Process Blog Hop

Only the essential ;)

The calm and solitude of my hermitage was breached by the devilish duo Latimer and Ridley, wanting to know if I’d take part in a blog hop. Never one to say no to women who know too much about magic, I of course obliged. You can read their previous blog here and you can find out all about their excellent Legend … Read More

FrankWriting Process Blog Hop

Dual Crafting for Sanity

I’m probably approaching broken record status here, but yet again I’m going to write about the work that goes in to editing. It’s considerable work and considerably different from the exciting creative process. I planned to have Diary of the Wolf completely re-edited by the start of February, leaving me a month to prepare to relaunch at the start of … Read More

FrankDual Crafting for Sanity

The importance of being ruthless


I’m currently in the process of re-writing the first book in the Diary of the Wolf series. Some might say “that was out two years ago… move on and let it go,” but this all comes as part of a new attitude to writing. I’ve probably addressed it in a post below, but I’ve recently been inspired to approach my … Read More

FrankThe importance of being ruthless

NaNoWriMo fail – again

This was my 2nd NaNoWriMo and my 2nd failed attempt. In reality it was a moment of bravado that launched me into signing up. I was toying with the idea on the first of the month and suddenly I was writing a blog for the country’s biggest newspaper, which got a fair share of publicity. My downfall was my lack … Read More

FrankNaNoWriMo fail – again

Rediscovering Passion

I published my first book, “Diary of the Wolf,” in August 2011. I’ll now freely admit I didn’t do it right and lost my way between then and now. The Diary of the Wolf series is sketched out as a five novel series, with a number of novellas in-between. Book 1 is published, book 2 is completely written, book 3 … Read More

FrankRediscovering Passion

NaNoWriMo 2013 – First two chapters draft

The Bastion of Beleaguered Brothers NaNoWriMo 2013 Chapter 1 The noise was inhuman, more like an animal in pain than a sick woman. The cough was now so frequent that she could barely catch a shallow breath between. Her daughter, Louizel, held her left hand as her right held a cloth to her mouth. “Be strong mother, father has gone … Read More

FrankNaNoWriMo 2013 – First two chapters draft

Interactive Werewolf Book

As part of the MSc I’m undertaking, I have to create a major project. My plan is to create an interactive book based on my Diary of the Wolf world. The basics are simple: You’re a werewolf hunter (like Red & Jenny) and you head to a remote Scottish island to stop a werewolf. En route you’re shipwrecked and quickly … Read More

FrankInteractive Werewolf Book

Um, About NanoWriMo…

Unfortunately real life got in the way of the NaNoWriMo dream. Real life and plot points. I began writing a children’s novel, which quickly started taking some very dark and unplanned turns. The fairytale morphed into a story about domestic abuse and escapism. Outlines were no longer relevant and the story that was going to write itself, well, it had … Read More

FrankUm, About NanoWriMo…