The cost of a Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads To Read for Diary of the Wolf

I recently finished my first Goodreads Giveaway for Diary of the Wolf. It was a pretty positive experience, you go from having no footing in the world of Goodreads, to having a brief flare in the air. As it shines and slowly descends, some brave souls flock to find out more. Before the giveaway, I think about 20 people had … Read More

FrankThe cost of a Goodreads Giveaway

January 2016 update – Where those books at yo?

Cute Baby Panda

January is all but done, so I thought it best to write a quick catch-up on where all the various moving pieces are at. Goodreads Giveaway First up, there’s a Diary of the Wolf book giveaway going on over on Goodreads. 13 signed copies of Diary of the Wolf up for grabs. You can enter below… Goodreads Book Giveaway Diary … Read More

FrankJanuary 2016 update – Where those books at yo?

Say hello – Diary of the Wolf Print Edition

Diary of the Wolf Review Copies

High five world, the print edition of Diary of the Wolf is finally roaming wild! Get it here. It was a low-key birth, yes, but then it takes time for a baby to grow. Or so I might say if asked and feeling mysterious. The truth is filled with noob mistakes and learning. CreateSpace is a very handy tool for … Read More

FrankSay hello – Diary of the Wolf Print Edition

Why do you believe you’re a writer?

Mickey Mouse Writing

There’s a mug of tea to my left, sitting next to a slice of un-iced Christmas cake that I’ve spread with butter. A low lamp is to my right, casting a dim yellow light below my eye-line. Somewhere above, a lemongrass candle is filling the room with a calming freshness. And then there’s me, at a mechanical keyboard, staring at … Read More

FrankWhy do you believe you’re a writer?

Shadows in the Dark – Beginning the rewrite


Diary of the Wolf book two, Shadows in the Dark, has been revised. Well, the first draft has been revised. How did I go about this? Well, Good News I really liked some of the scenes. There were nearly full chapters that I read and said “yes, that’s a good chapter, I’m happy with that overall.” It was greater than … Read More

FrankShadows in the Dark – Beginning the rewrite

Getting in the mood for book number two

Santa Monica Beach

My normal starting point is one of distraction. There’s so much going on, if not in the world then in my brain. I’m thinking about different jobs I should apply for, different books I should read and different books I should write. There’s the constant task of upskilling for jobs I don’t even know I want, the temptation to write … Read More

FrankGetting in the mood for book number two

Scorpion – random thoughts

Scorpion title sourced from Wikipedia

So I recently came across the show Scorpion on Netflix. At first I had no interest – I had Jessica Jones shaped fish to fry first – but when the premise was described by my sister, well I just had to give it a watch. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a super genius (Walter O’Brien) and … Read More

FrankScorpion – random thoughts

How to blog more: the realisation

By @SuperMB on Reddit-

Ok, I know, my last post said I would blog more. I failed. I find it hard to blog about what I’m writing, because I feel guilty when I’m not actually writing it. I’ll gladly write different things at once or edit one book while writing the next, but when it comes to writing about processes and such, well, I … Read More

FrankHow to blog more: the realisation

Diary of the Wolf published today

Diary of the Wolf eCover

Today, after what seems like such a very long time, Diary of the Wolf goes live on Amazon. Yes, it is edition two but I think you’ll find it’s a completely different beast. Arriving four years after the original novel, this edition has the best part of a year’s worth of rewrites, edits and additional chapters.

FrankDiary of the Wolf published today

The Importance of Good Maps


Sometimes you need a good solid map to keep things straight. There’s just nothing better for wide ranging action and adventure. In the process of rewriting The Diary of the Wolf, I finally came to my new Chapter 16. Once upon a time it was Chapter 12, but that was when I had such silly long chapters. Chapter 16 is … Read More

FrankThe Importance of Good Maps