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Fair Play to the Women of Ireland

You can see it in the smiles on strangers’ faces and maybe even feel it in the air (though that could just be the arrival of summer.) Something fundamental has changed in Ireland, something in the very weave of the fabric. Over the past few weeks, though it has gone on much much longer for some, the country has been …

FrankFair Play to the Women of Ireland
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Beta Readers are too valuable to ignore

Let me tell you a tale about beta readers, or one beta reader and one book of mine in particular. OK, before I continue, I’ll allow you recover from the shock of me writing more than one blog post in a six month period. Shocking I know. So, I had pretty much considered my third novel (the fairy tale one) …

FrankBeta Readers are too valuable to ignore
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My 2017 in Writing

At this point it should be clear that I am a terrible blogger. Well, terrible at least in terms of punctuality and productivity. Yes, I am writing a 2017 retrospective in April of 2018. You’d be forgiven for not believing that I’m usually a fiend for a good deadline. But, before I get called a complete charlatan, let me assure …

FrankMy 2017 in Writing

Why I’m questioning KDP Select

Most fledgling authors are forced to take a step away from the keyboard and consider publishing and distribution, it’s just the reality of the times we live in. You do hear stories (especially somewhere as small as Ireland) of authors getting picked up for their first book, but I for one have no idea how that’s done when so many …

FrankWhy I’m questioning KDP Select
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Shadows in the Dark – July 2016 Update

Well it’s at this point that I’m going to stop apologizing for not blogging more. I’ve realised that I write about everything that happens, but I do it in a big ol’ journal and then also a teeny tiny journal and various other places. I write a lot but I guess I don’t write a lot for public consumption. Today, …

FrankShadows in the Dark – July 2016 Update
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Springsteen and second novel magic – It’s the May 2016 Update

Despite saying I would blog more often and about more random things, I have failed. An ongoing blogging failure, that’s me. So, here is an update. Bruce Springsteen Competition If there’s one concert that’s sure to sell-out in Ireland, regardless of the capacity, it’s Bruce Springsteen. Also on the list may be Garth Brooks, but, well, you can read about …

FrankSpringsteen and second novel magic – It’s the May 2016 Update
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The cost of a Goodreads Giveaway

I recently finished my first Goodreads Giveaway for Diary of the Wolf. It was a pretty positive experience, you go from having no footing in the world of Goodreads, to having a brief flare in the air. As it shines and slowly descends, some brave souls flock to find out more. Before the giveaway, I think about 20 people had …

FrankThe cost of a Goodreads Giveaway
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January 2016 update – Where those books at yo?

January is all but done, so I thought it best to write a quick catch-up on where all the various moving pieces are at. Goodreads Giveaway First up, there’s a Diary of the Wolf book giveaway going on over on Goodreads. 13 signed copies of Diary of the Wolf up for grabs. You can enter below… 🙂 Goodreads Book Giveaway …

FrankJanuary 2016 update – Where those books at yo?
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Say hello – Diary of the Wolf Print Edition

High five world, the print edition of Diary of the Wolf is finally roaming wild! Get it here. It was a low-key birth, yes, but then it takes time for a baby to grow. Or so I might say if asked and feeling mysterious. The truth is filled with noob mistakes and learning. CreateSpace is a very handy tool for …

FrankSay hello – Diary of the Wolf Print Edition
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Why do you believe you’re a writer?

There’s a mug of tea to my left, sitting next to a slice of un-iced Christmas cake that I’ve spread with butter. A low lamp is to my right, casting a dim yellow light below my eye-line. Somewhere above, a lemongrass candle is filling the room with a calming freshness. And then there’s me, at a mechanical keyboard, staring at …

FrankWhy do you believe you’re a writer?